Sunday, October 6, 2013


I have been of course neglecting my blog.  Two Sundays ago I hit the under 200 lb mark called onderland.  It's still very hard to imagine I am now thinner than I was the day I got out of the army. If I could find my last uniform I am pretty sure it would fit! I am actually at 192 lbs as of today!

I also went to my 6 month check up recently. Surgeon was very happy with my progress!  The program wants you to be at 50% of your excess weight loss, I was 62%! My vitamin levels were great!

A first for me, I actually went on a couple of dates. They were both pretty good. One I will not be seeing again, since he does have a scary female roommate lol.  The other one was pretty cool.  We laughed a lot and I could see a friendship happening.

Today I completed my first 5k race. It was a charity race for one of my favorite local charities, Heroes 4 Hunger. And with a name like that, you know me and my best friend had to show up in super hero garb! I decided on wonder woman since I did hit onderland! She was an awesome pink and black super girl! We were not fast, but we were not slow and did not come in last!!!  We walked most of it, but did pick up our feet at the beginning, middle and end!  We clocked in at 48 minutes and 29 seconds.  That is now our baseline and we will continue to better it!  I am a very lucky person to have her as my friend and workout partner.

Another awesome thing, I had decided to take this semester and probably next semester off from school.  I have had 3 job interviews and received 2 job offers. I will more than likely hear about the 3rd next week soon.

Life just keeps getting better and better. And the most important thing is I have become confident and will continue being confident. I am an awesome person!

Friday, September 6, 2013

Been awhile

My current weight is 211.  I have lost 128 lbs!

Saturday, July 6, 2013

Favorite Shirt

Over 100 lbs Gone!

My highest weight ever documented was 350.  I think that was sometime fall 2012.  I am now down to 240!  I started the surgical weight loss program at 339, so I am 1 pound away from 100 pound loss on that front too.

The last two weeks have been incredible!  I have been on the go, go, go!  Swim lessons, family swim, aquasizing, mini vacation and MORE!  On our mini vacation, my family got to see me for the first time since weighing 290.  They were amazed at me, not only because of my weight but because of how happy and how excited I was over everything.  The biggest thing that happened to me in the last two weeks was that we went to STORYLAND!!!!!  I ran around the entire day, with the biggest smile on my face.  My cousin didn't know who was having more fun me or my son.  I went on every single ride and had no problems fitting in them!  My fitbit tracked my steps for that day and I did over 6.5 miles!  No way in hell I could have done this last year!

Another milestone hit me on July 4th.  I was sitting in a lawn chair (was not scared at all of it breaking) and had my son sitting in my lap.  That is the milestone right there.....I had a lap for my son to sit on and it was very comfortable!  I also sat around in a bathing suit for most of the day :) .

Friday, June 21, 2013

Go Kart!

Life is definitely changing since surgery.  Yesterday Andrew, papa and I went to Blackbeard's in Bangor.  It is a mini golf, aracade and go karts.  Well, I went on a go kart with my son for the first time ever.  Last time I have been would be probably 2000.  I was so scared about not fitting.  I kept asking dad if I was gonna be ok, he was like yes shut up.  I fit with no problems!  We had a blast!  My fitbit said I walked over 10,000 steps so it was a busy day!!!

Thursday, June 13, 2013

BMI 38.8

I am still about 9 points away from being overweight by BMI standards....but it is down from 53.2!  A difference of 14.4!!!!!

Saturday, June 8, 2013

Shopping at Old the store!

It has been a long time, like very long time since I have shopped for myself at the brick and mortar version of Old Navy.  They do not sell their plus sized versions in the store, they are only available online.  I truly think it has been since 2002 since I have shopped there.  Well the drought ended last night! I tried on their vintage tshirts in an xxl, but I felt it was too big.  *insert girlie squeal here*  I purchased 3 vintage tees in xl, 3 tank tops in xxl and 1 blouse in xxl.  I also purchased 2 pair of size 20 capris at D.E.B.  I am so excited about having some new clothes in smaller sizes!

I also took a picture today of my belly wasn't hanging over it!  Oh and my awesome aunt purchased me a choker type necklace that I so couldn't have worn last year my larger neck size!

Life is changing!